Blissfully LOST in a world of my own control…

I am currently sitting at my friend Savannah’s house in Woodstock, Illinois manifesting what I want out of this crazy amazing life of mine. If you don’t know what manifesting is, check out and subscribe on iTunes to Savannah’s LOST podcast or at She is a storyteller, adventure and artist and is changing the world with her words.

Basically, manifesting is creating the life you’ve always wanted by warding off all fears and doubts. Fear is what stops you from getting everything you can out of life. Will Smith described it best when he said, “God placed the best things in life on the other side of terror. On the other side of your maximum fear are the best things in life.” You have to fully commit to what you want, believe you already have it, visualize it happening and then let it go. Let it go with full faith and confidence that it’s coming your way. Then, in the meantime, live your life as thankfully and gratefully as you can. Appreciate all of the day-to-day little things in your life, like waking up to the sun shining through your window, or the sounds of the wind rustling through the trees or, my favorite, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Appreciate the big things in your life, like your health, your family and friends, your goals and your dreams and your freedom to choose what you want to do and who you want to be. The trick is to not dwell on what you don’t have by focusing on what you do have. Take the word CAN’T out of your vocabulary. You CAN be anything that you WANT to be. You CAN do anything that you WANT to do.

So, this is currently how I visualize my life playing out in the next six months. I love traveling, I love taking pictures, I love telling stories of amazing people and communities. I have an amazing adventure photography career where I get to incorporate everything I love. Savannah and I are business partners, traveling the world and telling the stories of beautiful people and communities. She uses her voice to tell stories through Lost Podcast while I help you see these stories unravel visually through my eyes as a photographer.

I can see my future so clearly, I know exactly where I want to go but the fun is in letting go and allowing life to take me where it wants me to go. I don’t know how I am going to get there, but that’s all apart of the journey. My goal for this blog and website it to document it all, share other’s stories, give tips and advice, ask for tips and advice, share my personal adventure, open up about my highs and lows and to continue doing what I love, while working towards creating the life I know I deserve.

I am so excited to share my world.

Thanks for joining!

Jenn Journeyz