My Manifestations… If you ask, you shall receive

It took me awhile to get used to, believe in, and trust manifesting. I am from the midwest. Manifesting is one of those taboo thoughts that those hippie-dippies from California use while surfing everyday and soaking up the sun. Well at least that’s how my dad would describe it. You’re crazy if you think that stuff works. “Crazy Californians,” my dad would say. After traveling, living in different countries, and becoming “westernized”, I learned to open up my mind and try it out.

It’s amazing! It really works and it’s all up to you. I described manifesting in my last blog post as fully committing to what you want, believing you already have it, visualizing it happening, and then letting it go. Letting it go with full faith and confidence that it’s coming your way. Then, in the meantime, live your life as thankfully and gratefully as you can. I have been consciously manifesting for the past two and a half years, but I also have come to realize there are things that I manifested in my past that I had no idea I was actually doing. It’s fun, and weird, to look back at it all.

In November of 2014, I was working in the hospitality industry as a Guest Service Representative for the JW Marriott in downtown Chicago. I knew I didn’t want to be in that position long and was determined to make my way up to a sales position and, ideally, a position where I could travel for the hospitality industry. Just before Thanksgiving, my friend Savannah reached out to me and said I needed to send her my resume, there was a Sales Coordinator position open at the hotel she worked at in San Diego. Boom! I manifested that without even realizing it. Not only was I moving up to a sales position after only four months in Chicago, but I was moving to San Diego, a place I have been wanting to move since I was in high school.

I was in my new position for five months, when my “dream job” became available. After warding off fear and doubt that I wasn’t qualified for this position, I decided to let that go, trust that the universe was showing me this for a reason, and apply. I was recommended and encouraged by some amazing coworkers and I had nothing to lose. And guess what? I got the job! I was now the Sales and Marketing Manager for three large properties in the San Diego area. I was able to travel for my job, including a trip to London. What! I manifested that. Looking back, I knew exactly what I wanted when I was working in Chicago. I visualized it happening to me, and then I let it go. I continued working hard and focusing on what I loved and then it all just came to me without any effort.

In the past few years, I have manifested other things, big and small. On a hike of mostly tall straw grass and trees, I said “Wouldn’t it be cool to see a field full of sunflowers?” An hour later we turned the corner and… Boom!… a field full of sunflowers. Last year, after a long stretch of missing country music festivals, I told my friend that I really wanted to go to a country concert. A few weeks later at our work trip in Hollywood, Florida, we found out that Tortuga Musical Festival was an hour away from us and we knew someone there with tickets. Boom! A country concert.  Almost two years ago, my friends and I thought it would be amazing to find a job where we could all work together. After an hour discussing the idea at dinner, we all left and let the idea go. The next day, we were presented with a new job where we were able to work remote, with each other, and travel a shit ton. I think you know what’s coming. The list just goes on and on. Maybe I’ll create a video one day explaining everything I’ve manifested, because the stories are just so much better in person.


If this intrigues you, give it a try. Think of something you really want or anytime you say “I wish I had that or this” start believing that you already have it. Visualize it. Then, let it go and just forget about it. Just watch, it will come right back to you. I would love to hear your stories, so please leave a comment, or message me with your experiences. Thanks!

Happy Monday!

Jenn Journeyz