Cheap ways to have the most expensive experiences of your life

Two weeks in Europe under $1,000. It’s possible….

Okay, so I just returned from a two week trip to Europe. Within two weeks, we traveled to Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, AND we did it all under $1,000. Every time I travel, I learn more tricks of the trade. There ARE cheap ways to travel, there ARE cheap ways to see the world, and there ARE cheap ways to have the most expensive experiences of your life.

It all started last year when my friend Savannah and I volunteered to wait four extra hours in the Salt Lake City airport for a $600 Delta voucher. Four extra hours, that’s all, and those four hours turned into two weeks in Europe. Savannah had a wedding to attend in Bologna, Italy, and lucky for me, she invited me along. We turned it into a two week adventure road trip to explore and grow our businesses along the way.

We did not pay for a single accommodation. Couchsurfing, friends, and Airbnb credits allowed us to save money in a big way. If you are not familiar with couchsurfing, or too hesitant to use it, I would suggest otherwise. It is amazing. It was my first time using it. Savannah is a seasoned couchsurfer, but she ran out of messages, haha, so I had to sign up. I reached out to a few people, had a few no’s, but then had a few yes’s. Our first couchsurfing spot was at a villa in Tuscany. I could tell from a few pictures on that it was beautiful, but you never really know what to expect from just a few pictures. It blew us away, and I am going to write a whole separate blog post about this experience. With couchsurfing, hosts will also sometimes make you meals to showcase their culture’s amazing food and traditions. They love travelers and enjoy making connections and showing them a good time.

So, to break it down a little bit. We paid around $220 for our round-trip flight to Rome; $230 ($115 each) for a rental car for two weeks; then under $500 for food, gas, tolls, a few beers and souvenirs. The tolls and passes getting from one country to the other where probably our biggest expense. If you keep it to one or two countries, the cost could go down by $100 or $200. It was an amazing trip, and I was able to see and experience so much, BUT it was a lot of driving and moving, and I think next time I will just stay in one country and explore the crap out of that. Haha.

If you need any tips or help finding travel deals and affordable ways to travel, I am always available. Just visit my Contact Page or send me an email at Traveling is fun and there are so many interesting and amazing places to see in this world.

See you out there!

Jenn Journeyz