When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I am currently reading this book about a female wanderlust’s travels. No, not mine, but it has me thinking that I could write my own. 😉 I had to put it down because I just read a page that gave me so much inspiration and realization and brought back an overwhelming feeling of bliss. The author was explaining how she hadn’t had such a long sustained period of feeling bliss since her road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles with her boyfriend at the time. They had just finished two years of long distance dating and going back and forth between should we be and should we not be. Then, they decided to be and head to LA. Their road trip was a series of firsts. Their first time driving cross-country. The first time no one in the world knew where they were. The first time they were so completely in love. She described herself as being blissfully, constantly, swoon-inducingly happy.

Ten years later, she felt the same feeling. She was alone in Argentina, alone on top of a mountain, with blue skies, the crazy-clear Patagonian sunlight, the sparkling lake, the untrampled fresh snow, and she was blissfully happy. “I walked for about five hours, in a vaguely downward direction. The snowy trails were covered in a canopy of red and orange and yellow leaves. I walked and walked and walked, no real idea where I was going, just in love with the fact that I was alone on the top of a mountain at the bottom of the world, that I had just gotten on a plane and made this happen. I’d had two months’ worth of firsts.”

I know that feeling. I’ve had that feeling many, many times. I pride myself in always trying something new. I challenge myself to experience different things. I owe myself the privilege of learning and expanding my world. Trying something new for the first time is scary, but what’s really the scariest and what allows you to actually do it or not, is everything you think about BEFORE actually doing it. It’s accomplishment! Set goals, do things that you think you are unable to do, because let me tell you, if you set your mind to doing them, you will. If you believe that you are capable of having everything you imagine, the universe has no choice but to hand you the key. When was the last time you cried because you were just so overwhelmingly happy and full of accomplishment and bliss?

I remember the first time I cried from being just so damn happy. During my sophomore year of college I visited my friends in Hawaii. They had just moved there. After my visit, I decided that I wanted to move there too. I set myself up for graduating early, saved my money, made the connections I need to, and Honolulu became my new address. As we were descending onto Honolulu, I looked out my window (of course I had a window seat) and saw these amazing mountains that touched the clouds then ran down into these untouched serene beaches that made their way out to this amazing blue water. I started crying. Tears ran down my face. I had to use the sleeve of my shirt to wipe them and hoped that the guy sitting next to me didn’t think I was having a melt down.

I did it! I bought the ticket, I moved myself to this magical paradise, and I made it happen. It was my first time living somewhere out of Illinois. It was my first time going to place where I only knew three people. It was my first time not knowing what the hell I was going to do, but that I was going to do it.

Ever since then I have not been able to settle. I’m always searching for those firsts. I am always looking for that change. I am always challenging myself to be better and do better than I did before. It’s a lot of pressure and sometimes I wonder if I set myself up for failure, but then I have a hard time trying to picture it any other way. I am getting everything I want out of life. I’m only 29, and I’m pretty excited by my list of accomplishments so far. I am even more excited for everything that has yet to come. I am still traveling. I am falling in love. I am getting married. I am having kids. I am traveling and adventuring with my husband and kids. There is not a right or wrong way to do life. It’s your life. Live it exactly how you want and if you find that you don’t want what you’re doing or where you’re at, change it.

If you’re interested in the book I mentioned it’s called What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding: A Memoir by Kristin Newman. One critic described it as Eat, Pray, Love written by your funniest friend. It definitely pulls strings at the female wanderlust’s soul.

Lots of love!

Jenn Journeyz