Canada June/July 2017

On June 22, 2017, I left for a three week adventure to Canada. It all started because of a boy. Well, actually…it all started when I decided to manifest an amazing trip to Banff National Park about two years ago. Then, it was put into action because of a boy. 😉

I flew from San Diego to Vancouver and spent a week with my friend Nikki. Nikki and I met in Thailand when we were teaching English. She is from Eastern Canada, but now lives in Vancouver. All I have to say is, Vancouver is B…E…A…U…TIFUL! I feel like I did so much everyday and there is still a TON that I want to see and do.

After Vancouver, I traveled to Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. My friend plays football in the CFL (Canadian Football League) for the Edmonton Eskimos. I spent some time with him, went to one of his games (so fun!), and then we picked up two of my friends in Calgary to start our Banff National Park Adventure. We stayed in the town of Canmore, just right outside of Banff. It was SO cute, and I highly suggest staying there because it was not as crowded as the Town of Banff. We stayed with Deborah, a sweet, sweet lady I found off Airbnb. She has definitely been my favorite Airbnb host to date. Banff was overwhelmingly beautiful and everyday the scenery just took my breath away. Just like Vancouver, our schedule was jammed packed, but I feel that we just scratched the surface. I know I will return there again for some “unfinished exploring”. 😉

If you are planning a trip to either Vancouver or Banff National Park and would like suggestions, I would be more than happy to help. Visit my Contact page and send me an email.

A new adventure awaits!

Jenn Journeyz